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An Introduction to Web Accessibility

This was our first online AICS meeting and was presented by AICS member Mel Pedley of Black Widow Web Design.

The series of presentations focused on the practical issues that web developers & authors need to understand in order to help their clients reap the benefits of accessible web design. As well as examining the requirements of different user groups, it looked at some of the most common access barriers, how to avoid them, and how accessible techniques can improve Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

The series also introduced the BS 8878 Code of Practice: "Building accessible experiences for disabled people".

The presentations, which were in PDF format, were activated one at a time, so that the material could be viewed, when convenient, in an orderly manner. AICS members were encouraged to comment and/or ask questions using the AICS email list. The discussion on the list were an important element of the meeting.

The presentation topics, which can still be viewed in the members' area of this site, were:

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Handouts and/or speakers' notes are still available for some of these meetings - please contact the Hon Secretary for more details.

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