AICS is a Trade Association whose members are committed to setting and maintaining the highest technical and ethical standards in the independent provision of specialist computer-related services. By independent we mean "free to trade within the law without being obliged to acknowledge the authority, control or influence of any third party".

Why we exist

AICS exists to help its members succeed in business. It does this by providing members with access to sources of technical and business information, and by promoting the excellence and high standards of its members through a mandatory Code of Practice.

Constitution, Direction and Administration

First formed in 1972 as an unincorporated Association, AICS was incorporated as a Company Limited by Guarantee in 1992. The Association is directed and administered by a Council elected by the members in general meeting.


In a service industry, we believe that character, experience and technical competence are as important as paper qualifications. Applicants for Full membership must therefore satisfy the Council that they have a minimum of five years' relevant experience and are of "good repute" as attested by two referees. Every member is required to abide by the Association's Code of Practice and failure to do so may lead to expulsion. Most AICS members also belong to an appropriate professional body.

Services offered by members

AICS represents a pool of competent and reliable specialists offering immediate access to key skills.

Between them, AICS members offer services in most aspects of computing, and in most fields of human endeavour. These include strategic evaluation and consulting, interim management, computerised accounting services, system specification, procurement, data analysis and design, programming, web design, installation, testing, staff training, project management, software maintenance and support, technical writing and translation, and dispute resolution.

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